Paparazzi Consultant Stephanie Hutcheson #335988
Paparazzi Consultant Stephanie Hutcheson #335988
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About Me

Hello, my name is Stephanie Hutcheson (aka Hutch).  I am a mother, a government contractor, Premier Director - Paparazzi Consultant, Life of the Party Diamond, owner of WHATS IN YOUR JEWELRY HUTCH, and the leader of HUTCH'S JEWELS. 

Why Paparazzi??? I started following the company in 2017.  That particular year I was looking to start an at home business to help with tax breaks.  I had worked for other direct sales companies in the past.  There were always performance requirements such as a high dollar sales amount just to submit an order that I felt restricted actual performance.  In addition, the cost of the items I was selling were too expensive even as a Consultant. I knew it would be hard to sell my customers on why they should purchase the items.  Paparazzi is the exact opposite.  The minimum purchase amount (25 items) to be considered an active consultant is spread over a month-long time frame which makes being active very doable and budget friendly (25 x $2.75).

Fast forward to October 2019, and meeting my team leader/sponsor, Leigh Braxton, and it just seemed as if we were destined to meet.  She was easy to approach, and her energy was inviting and upbeat.  Our short conversation revealed several like interests and she presented herself and her jewelry in such a manner that I wanted to purchase.  I mentioned my interest in the business and that I had been following the company. Leigh employed a no pressure approach and shared her experiences. She allowed the jewelry I purchased, and my own interests in the company to be the draw to her.   It was exactly what I needed for me to get off the fence.  Lastly, as a candidate of the 2018-2019 government shutdown, I spent that time strategically planning for the possibility of another shutdown.  This time I thought if I’m going to be home, a lucrative at home business is what I need to still provide for my family.

I activated October 31, 2019. In my short but quick 3 months, with the support of Leigh and husband, Raymond, they have as leaders been very educating, supportive, and motivational.  Their commitment to their personal business, but also, the team’s business is very inspiring.  So, I go hard for myself, for my family, and for our team (my new Pink family).

Premier Directory, LOP Diamond

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